Happy Ending Studios features an original API 1604 recording console from 1974 for both tracking and mixing. Included is an assorted wish list of vintage microphones from the 1950's, 60's and 70's including Neumann, AKG, Telefunken, Coles and Sony, with a cherry picked selection of vintage outboard tube equalizers, limiters, compressors, and signal processors. The studio is known for its diverse drum sounds, VOCAL MIC COLLECTION THAT CAPTURES EVERY SINGERS BEST VOCAL TAKES. The Studio's collection of Vintage and Modern Synthesizers, along with various 1930's thru 1970's tube guitar amplifiers, a wurlitzer 140b, and a turn of the century wing and sons rare five pedal piano always inspire and insure creativity. This combination of gear in these naturally resonant 1907 built rooms with cove'd ceilings and hardwood floors sharing natural sunlight from a beautiful hillside view, allows artists of any genre to feel right at home sonically accessing everything from a warm organic soundscape to the fat and punchy in your face colorful tones that continually produce great results for every creative situation.

ARTISTS Include:

Jenny Lee (Warpaint), Katie Burden, Papercranes (Rain Phoenix), Mike Coulter (Lifter), Spacehog, Sam Endicott (The Bravery, THE MERCY BEAT), The Child, Sweethead, Ben Shepard (H.B.S., SoundGarden), Night Terrors of 1927, Brett Netson (Built To Spill, Caustic Resin), Greg Dulli / Mark Lanegan (Afghan Whigs, GutterTwins) Daniel Davies (Year Long Disaster), Kan Wakan, Moses Sumney, Christian Death, VENUS AND THE MOON, D I A M O N D S, HAPPY LIVES, The Asteroid Shop, Handsome As Sin, Panic In Eden, Apache Rifles, Northern American, Tony Ferrari, Hammered Satin, Hello=Fire, Ringside, Mumiy Troll, Next Door To The Moon, Bikinians, Tessa Rae, The Billionaires, Howls, Peter Adams, Paw City, Will Loomis, Shotty, Jimmy Bowskill, Jim Huff, Lavinia Slaughter, Jakel Bow, Evan Bliss, Dylan Starrs, Yard Of Blondes.